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Hey Gary, What are the First Step Dates in North Carolina? I heard you have something this fall at New Beginnings Church in Charlotte? I think I would like to send a guy... could I also go through it?


I have two this fall .. one in Indy ... August 24-25 and one phoenix Nov 11-12

I am waiting to get dates from Mike for North Carolina

Kyle O'Hagan

I'm wondering what dates you have set for 2011?

Michael Sanders

For whatever reason, the only calendar of training events I can find is for do I get info on current and future events?

Gary Rohrmayer

Sorry for not updating ... go to

The next two trainings in 2013 are May 31-June3 in Chicago and Sept 20-23

Shirley Masongezi

We were encouraged by your Next Steps for planting a missional church that we've just seen. Since we started our "church planting training center" last June, we're always looking for missional church cutting edge information. We are operating cross culturally, but I'm sure some of the basic concepts we have in common. We'd love to connect with you when we get back in the States in June. We're currently in Cameroon until then.

Blessings and prayers,
Wilondja and Shirley Masongezi

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