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Beloved Pastor Gary Rohrmayer, greetings in the name of our lord and saviour jesus Christ.
It is great joy to visit your web site and to know how the lord is working through you. We want to introduce ourselves to you, I am from India saved by the grace of god in 1964,baptized in 1967 and graduated in Baptist Bible College in 1974 ever since I am serving the lord still today. The lord has given the vision soul winning and church planting reviving the churches and to see the reformation in the churches. So far the lord has blessed me in the ministry and still using me, I have written three books and several pamplets and four V.C.D’S in our language. I have seen much blessings in these ways recently I have given series of lessons on second coming on T.V channels. We have 100 beleivers in our fellowship, by his grace we have good accomidation for 400 beleivers on our own property site. Since this is a third world country and we live among the slum people to serve small and great . If the lord opens the door to start your work in India specially Hyderabad the state capital of AndhraPradesh. We welcome you in the name of the lord. There are several other co-workers with me, those who do not have cycles or two-wheelers if they are provided little financial help they can speed up the ministry in a better way.We have several groups of believers in the entire state those who badly needed prayer halls to be constructed. If you want to ask any question we are open to give you the right reply in the name of the lord. Please send us mail as soon as possible.
Thanking you somuch
Yours in his service

Geraldo Braga

December 23rd of 2008.

To Whom It May Concern:

Hi, my name is Geraldo Braga, I am a full time YWAMer for 14 years and right now I am serving at Youth With A Mission, Muizenberg, SA.

I am pioneering a school of Cross Cultural Strategic Missions for the third year and now I am with a Brand New School Called SOE – School of Evangelism on this Campus and this is the first time which we will have a school of this calibre on this continent. We don’t have a School of Evangelism on the whole Continent.
The reason why I am writing to you is because I am looking for people which are willing to partake with God on this endeavour by donating books to our school.
I am looking for only four categories of books: Missions books in general, Church Planting books, Missionaries biographies and Muslin subjects and most important on EVANGELISM.
So then, if you have some books which have some sort of problems or defects, old books which you didn’t sell it, or even second hands that you would like to donate, I would love to have those.
You can contact me at: Geraldo R. Braga PO Box 129, Muizenberg, SA 7950. Or Via e-mail @ [email protected]. Thank you very much for your attention and help in advance.

In Christ Jesus!

Geraldo Braga

Our Home Page in SA is:

Sesethu Masiza

Good day!!
My name is Sesethu Masiza. I am 16 years old. Attending the Cape Academy of mathematics, Science and Technology in Capetown. I stay in the Bluedowns area.
I am a child of God. I attend the "True Faith of the Apostolic church" under my loving father, friend and Apostile Mr. VW Kula. He is a blind man who has done wonders in khayelitsha. He has turned peoples nightmares into peoples Paradise. He has changed peoples live including me. He sacrifices what he has for those who dont have.
Today I have decided to ask you to please build us a church in the Khayelitsha area as we dont have our own place to attend our own services. We go-about and attend our services in different schools but its difficult for others to get there and as a growing church I felt that we need our own space now. We also need musical instruments.

I would be really glad if you could assist us in this. You can donate or give anything.
Be blessed
Sesethu Masiza

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