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Thank you for this concise and powerful post. I believe it is a much bigger problem than we want to admit to. For me one of the ways to "get help" for anger is to have a very trusted friend who can walk with me in and through the anger and/or disappointment. The problem for some of us is that there is no one we can truly be real with, that is just be ourselves, good and bad. This acceptance is so important. If we don't have someone we can talk to confidentially, then we tend to stuff our anger and then it grows until it bursts out inappropriately.


Thanks for your honesty ... handling anger appropriately is always a challenge.


Thanks for this timely post, Gary! This is a powerful reminder with self-examination. I just shared with a friend this weekend that the very things that can make us good leaders can be our very undoing. Inappropriately expressed anger is one of those things. I, for one, will be dealing with that sin until I get to meet Jesus in heaven!

Gary Rohrmayer

Thanks for the encouragement, Barb! Great to see how Jesus is growing you and using you in his kingdom work!!! There is victory in Jesus!

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