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Andy McAdams

Good stuff Gary...thanks so much. I work with churches all over the country and it is so hard to get them to understand that they must set aside funds on purpose to market (build a relationship) to their community. In a day when most churches are under 75 and money is tight for them, churches view this expense as not as important as paying the light bill. What they don't understand is that Jesus has commissioned us to go forward and move outward and when hearts are reached for Christ, lives are transformed and come to worship at the place that reached out to them. Then...those funds that a church had to vision to set aside to market themselves in the community pay back ten fold. Survival is not an option for the church...and the Great Commission is a command.

Thanks again...I like what you do.

Gary Rohrmayer

Thanks Andy,

The general rule is: If churches are going to impact their communities and break growth barriers they will need to spend 5-10% of their budget in some form of marketing

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