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Richard W

I’m just wondering about the ‘debate’ piece. Are there interests that would say one is preferable over the other? I can see where it would be easy to get out of balance where one is more prevalent than another, but I can not imagine some one saying this way is better than that way.

By the way, thanks for the graphic; I copied and pasted it into something I was working on! ~Rich


Great question!

I agree with Rich... the debate isn't so much do we need one more than the other, but rather how stupid it is when churches or leaders try to elevate one over the other. Or exclusively focus on one or the other.

In the past week I've spoken to a leader in a church who is going and being, but struggling with bringing people to a church service that doesn't match the 'spirit' they've found in the going and being side. Then two days later, I'm meeting with a leader is fabulous at attracting, but hasn't thought far enough ahead to figure out 'what next?'

When both are working together it really does seem to mirror the early church. What a concept : )

I'm also finding out that just becuase both seem to be 'working' at any given point in time, they can both become mechanical and lifeless rather quickly. We must continually keep both in balance but also keep both fueled by faith and dependance on the Spirit to be the transforming power.

Joel Harlow

I my mind the debate is about stewardship.

Attractional strategies can cost immoral amounts of money... multimillion-dollar buildings and shows and advertising, the list goes on and on. And they take all sorts of effort that could be spent on “face time” where life change happens best.

Incarnational doesn’t cost a dime, but it will cost you your life. That sounds more like what Jesus taught.

Sure we should pay our temple taxes and our government taxes, but all they are is money that makes the institution go round.

Institutions come and go, but incarnational community is forever.

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