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Juli Reynolds

Welcome Gary to the blogworld! You are already more cool in my eyes! I've already been enjoying the weekly newsletter - 'll be looking forward to the conversation! It is addicting, did you talk this over with your wife?!



Very cool! I also enjoyed the information on "Internet Strategies used by church planters".

Having formerly worked from home on a team that was totally spread out across the country, we talked alot about the team building advantages of the internet combined with personal contact. I have always thought of the internet as a great tool to enhance our outreach and relationships in a busy world.

I am thick in the process of re-developing and redesigning my blogging to be more effective. Kind of dividing up the visions for each. It's good to think through the effect, the educational uses, and the community development. I've divided my one blog (http://graffiti-justwhatsonmymind.blogspot.com) into three now. Personal, family pictures and reflections (http://hispoema.blogspot.com), and theological or ministry thoughts (http://erxoukurie.blogspot.com).

Hope to put alot of that stuff in the article into effect.

Jän van Oosten


I have been blogging for a year. It started out as a lark but has become a significant part of my personal evangelism. My blog is "Theology for Dummies" and is the most popular blog on Blogstream out of 15,000 blogs. I just do hardcore theological posts and then defend my position against all comers. My impression has been that most Christian bloggers just do personal journaling or light-weight stuff. I have found that there is a real significant audience for tougher issues. Currently I am defending my position that competition is not inherently evil and is good for Christians and churches in that God created humans (and plants and animals) with an innate drive to be competitive.

I now have a whole group of people attending my church after participating on my blog.


Jim Botts

At last...you've entered into the "blogosphere." I look forward to the conversations that God will stir up through you. It's going to be great!

John Smulo

Hi Gary,

I can't even remember how I started getting your newsletter, but it's great to see you blogging.

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